We are not affiliated with floatplane.com / Floatplane Media / Linus Media Group. This is a community driven, open source project.

What does this do?

floatplaneapi.com is a way to interface with the Floatplane backend service. It will be able to serve all information that is currently available to the client floatplane.com front-end.

What API calls are currently supported?

Below are all the request types we support now (ticked) and the ones that we want to implement (not ticked). If we missed anything please PR or open an issue.

  • Users

    • Login w/ Username Password

    • 2FA

    • Get self

    • Get user info

    • Check if admin

    • Check if creator

    • Get subscriptions

    • Get ID from name

    • Get activity

  • Creators

    • Get videos

    • Get info

    • Get ID from name

  • Videos

    • Get info

    • Get related videos

    • Comments

    • Get comments

    • Place comments

    • Like comment

    • Dislike comment

    • Clear like on comment

    • Stream (m3u8)

    • Download (mp4)

  • Edges

    • List edges

  • Livestream

    • Video

    • Chat

We are not planning to support anything to do with payments and subscribing/canceling. We will close any and all PRs and issues related to this.

I am Floatplane Media and would like to get the floatplaneapi.com domain! Where can I get it?

Sure! No problem. Shoot me a message on Twitter @lcasdev and I'll transfer the domain ASAP. :-)